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EDTECH & ELEARNING eLearning Tailored for You

Upgrade to an Advanced eLearning experience through our cutting edge EdTech solutions. Our user-friendly solutions help you make the revolutionary leap from traditional classroom training to state-of-the-art connected classrooms with concurrent students attending from all over the world.

Learning Management System

We provide expert Learning Management System (LMS) to optimize classroom to deliver the best Teaching & Learning experience.

  • Centralized Learning
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Custom CMS

Connected Classroom

Connected Classrooms allows you to deliver engaging and interactive live classroom sessions beyond walls. Different classes in different locations can be managed with ease by monitoring from a single location. Connected Classrooms allows your classroom to grow without the constraints of geographical location while delivering the best results.

  • Better Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Increased Student Engagement
  • Fewer Constraints

Virtual Classrooms

Enfin’s Virtual Classroom solutions allow the classroom to expand without the geographical constraints. Virtual classrooms deliver top notch classroom experiences for both the trainer/teacher/coach and an ever-growing number of students concurrently using a blend of multimedia streaming and improved feedback and evaluation mechanisms.

  • Synchronous Learning
  • White Board
  • Session Recording

Online Assessment Platform

Our LMS platform provides a convenient environment to rigorously assess and test every learner in a variety of ways. The methods of assessment are flexible to accommodate the needs and objectives of the course. We provide you with a detailed report of each individual learner's progress for better assessment and achievement of course goals.

  • Security & Confidentiality
  • Accessibility & Flexibility
  • Statistical Analysis


Integrate easily with our LMS platform and allow your online courses, webinars and learning portals to avail on Mobile Phone or Tablet. Make your courses avail easily on trouble-free Mobile Apps.

  • Easy access
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Self-paced Learning

Client Success Ofabee

With Ofabee, you can easily create and sell courses online in your own branded website. This allows publishing and delivery of your courses through websites and mobile phones, gives a different revenue vertical to your business and creates engagement and revenue.

  • Course Content Builder
  • Custom Reports & Analytics
  • Social Learning
  • Content Management System
  • Live Virtual Classrooms
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