Interactive & engaging online training platform

Video-On-Demand & LIVE Video Content Delivery Training Platform.
Enterprise video based online training platform for corporate organizations and education institutions.

Enable your team to learn through interactive and engaging video based learning platform.
Deliver the training contents as Video-On-Demand, LIVE Video sessions and other multimedia files.

Simple Yet Powerful online Training Platform

Ofabee is a cloud based Online Training platform for creating the complete learning process of your organization from content creation to content delivery with end user analytics. Ofabee is built in with great features such as

Course library & Dashboard

User friendly course library with dashboard will help your employees to see an overview of their progress on the courses.

Learner - Engaging Content Delivery

The built-in learner-engaging video player provides you a possibility to ask preloaded questions while playing the video. User engagement level will be recorded and you can view the complete report and take appropriate steps.

Built-In Webinar Tools

You can conduct webinars through the built in webinar tool. You can use this as a course authoring tool to create video contents with presentations and drawings

Recorded Video Library

Create on demand video library effective for revising lectures to improve learning outcome where video lectures of different courses are available.

Online Tests & Assessments

Conduct regular on-line mock tests that helps students assess their own learning capacity using ofabee’s secured and user-friendly platform

Analytics & Reports

Ofabee allows you to get detailed analytics and reports about each subscribers including details like course status, learning status of each users, assessment results etc.