Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions Empower Healthcare Providers

We deliver the best possible telehealth solution to Medical Industry and are properly equipped to take care of their patients. We address all regulatory compliance and help healthcare organizations tide over operational challenges and work towards delivering better care.

Video Consulting

We deliver video consulting solutions that include educational medical content delivered via smartphones, fitness & medical appointment booking apps, self-diagnosis applications, customized patient portals, or even ambulatory monitoring for psychiatric patients.

  • Video Consulting
  • Data Channel Sharing
  • Session Recording & Transcripts
  • Personalized Online Consultation

Healthcare Application Support

We work with organizations to ensure compliance while using technology to facilitate faster & accurate healthcare delivery through integrated applications.

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards
  • Administrative Safeguards

Established Healthcare Integration Standards –DICOM & HL7

Enfin has gained valuable experience in Implementing DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) services and applications for medical imaging equipment vendors. Primarily it includes Storage Commit Services, Worklist download, Print, Query and Retrieves services, and Image viewing applications. We have integrated Hospital Information Systems with Radiological Information Systems from different vendors. Also Implement messages include ADT (Admission Discharge and Transfer) and ORM (Order Entry) messages.

  • Single Network Transactions
  • Enhanced Patient Safety
  • Consistent Across Multiple Devices
  • Document Control

Image Post-Processing Application

We collaborate with medical institutions to focus on medical image processing. Offer code optimization as a service across all verticals. Our experience in medical domain provides value in terms of efficiency of optimizations carried out.

  • Performance Tuning
  • GPU Programming
  • Multi-Core Programming

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