SP Jain’s ELO Room

SP Jain School of Global Management

The new technology by SP Jain – Engaged Learning Online (ELO in short) – uses a blend of some of today’s most cutting-edge emerging technologies to bring the dynamism and engagement of the SP Jain classroom online and in real time. By simply logging in to ELO, students get all the benefits of an on-campus education. They can interact with world-class faculty, share ideas with their peers, collaborate on assignments, break out into teams to discuss and debate…all in real time and without any loss of engagement.


With FutureRoom we offered:
• Up to 125 screens within a high definition video wall, camera, lighting and audio systems all operated by FutureRoom software.
• Use high quality video to host interactive sessions to allow your presenter to engage with students all over the world, with minimal latency.
• Play 360 degree videos, generate augmented or virtual reality experiences, run 2D or 3D simulations, and display big data visualizations—all with seamless connectivity to ensure a rich media content experience.
• FutureRoom provides AI based data analytics after each session which includes emotion recognition & student performance and more.

We also facilitated:
• Breakout Rooms
• Polls/Surveys
• ‘Raise Hand’ Option
• Language Translation
• Multimedia Content Sharing / Screen Sharing
• HD AV Conference
• AI Based Analytics

The technologies and services we used:

• NodeJS
• ExpressJS
• MongoDB,
• WebRTC
• My SQL
• Jquery
• Javascript
• CodeIgniter