Maven Silicon

Maven Silicon

Maven Silicon is a Bangalore based VLSI Training Industry lead by Mr. P R. Sivakumar, CEO & Founder of Maven Silicon. They are a great team and it’s a leading top class VLSI finishing school in India which sets new standards in VLSI training. They always show enthusiasm and interest in every new venture that benefit their students. They provide efficient and quality training for engineering aspirants and achieved great success in VLSI Training Industry. Their vision is to produce “Highly skilled VLSI engineers and helping the semiconductor industry worldwide to meet the growing demand of chip design experts”.
Why they chose Ofabee

Maven Silicon, who already had expert materials and faculties, wanted to expand their training institute so that any student from anywhere can learn and practice their courses.
  • They wanted to provide both In-house training as well as training for those from anywhere around the globe.
  • They needed a Scalable, Secure & Versatile solution which was highly important to grow their institution.
  • In addition to Video Security of classes and courses, Certification of courses for those who complete the training should be also given.
  • They preferred mobile and web apps to make teaching & learning easy.
  • When Maven Silicon clubbed with Ofabee
    Taking all these in to consideration, Ofabee provided Maven Silicon with an All in One LMS Platform, where they can create, launch and sell courses to any student both within and outside the institution
  • They are now able to teach all the students from anywhere at the same time with ease.
  • Ofabee provided strong Course Content Security so that they shouldn’t worry about Video Security or other kinds of textual or multimedia security anymore.
  • With Ofabee, Certification of their courses became much easier and it is just a click away.
  • They could now assess their students online with our assessment platform with ease.
  • Ofabee provided a Web, Android & iOS Apps for their courses
  • Ofabee provided a scalable solution that helps them to grow their business & increase their revenue.
  • Successful Journey with Ofabee:

  • Maven Silicon now reached 13k+ Sign ups within a year.
  • There VLSI Training Platform became one of India’s leading VLSI Training Field.
  • The courses provided by Maven Silicon are able to access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Students could learn & practice their courses no matter where they are.
  • The mobile apps provided easy teaching & learning.
  • Their Online Training increased the revenue and number of students.