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MEAN Stack Next Gen Web Application Development

With MEAN Stack, you can do everything that you could do with a LAMP stack, by using JavaScript alone! By using a single language across all layers, you can easily have a team of developers who can develop a brisk software.

MEAN Stack Development Services

Enfin on-boards a pool of talented and experienced MEAN Stack application developers who possess expertise in MEAN Stack web and mobile app development. Whether the client wants Angular JS based web apps or real-time applications that leverage the power of NoSQL and Mongo DB our MEAN Stack developers can deliver it efficiently.

Hire expert MEAN Stack developers from Enfin to avail end-to-end MEAN Stack migration services. We ensure data integrity and security while migrating the client’s data from the existing technology to the open-source MEAN Stack.

Mongo DB

We use Mongo DB because of its fast and flexible document-based database for the development of web and mobile apps. We are highly experienced in building a wide range of applications and APIs including Mongo DB consulting, architecture strategy and design, Mongo DB implementation, Mongo DB integration, etc.


Express is a fast and minimalist web framework for Node.js, which provides fundamental web application features. We have hands-on experience in using Express as a server-side framework to build RESTful APIs faster and deliver simple to complex projects on time. Our team uses it qualitatively as it provides a potent set of features that make our work perfect.

Angular JS

Angular JS works excellent with rich data and presents efficient, rapid and personalized information for your web application. We specialize in well-structured, data-driven, cross-platform, and highly interactive web and mobile app development using Angular JS and have successfully delivered projects for the same.


We create quality web apps for server-side and client-side with Node.js as it is mainly utilized for building fast and scalable web apps using JavaScript. Our developers offer end-to-end Node.js consulting, development, migration, and team augmentation services.

Why MEAN Stack?

  • Extensive library and great support for developer community
  • Free, open-source, and reliable framework for web and app development
  • Highly efficient and robust performance with 4 power-packed technologies
  • Code-reusability and flexible environment
  • A perfect tool for full-stack web development with front-end and back-end data processing
  • End-to-end development processes based on JavaScript language

Why Enfin?

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • 50+ Projects in Mean Stack
  • 20+ Dedicated Full Stack Developers
  • 9 Years of Industry Experience
  • Certified Developers and QA
  • Expert Consultant for SMEs IT Solutions
  • Domain Experts in Multiple Verticals



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