ScreenTime Learning

ScreenTime Learning

ScreenTime Learning, the mobile app company in Silicon Valley, creates engaging quizzes and increase your child’s interest and make their learning fun. It also monitors child’s progress during their access of mobile. The team ensures quality learning and long-term retention for child.
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Enfin has been working with the client from the ideation stage of the product for better understanding of the requirement. Our team comprises of Project Manager, Android & iOS Developers and Quality Assurance team. We follow the Agile scrum methodology and our daily stand-ups makes outcomes the best.

Creating a Perfect Learning App

We made technologies that help parents to set frequency and duration of the ‘lock screen’ quizzes and enable the child to answer periodic questions and access their mobile device. Proprietary algorithms ensure that the child is continually engaged.

The features include:

  • Formatting quiz settings and customizing quizzes.
  • Monitoring child’s learning progress via personalized dashboard.
  • Enabling incoming and outgoing calls during lock screen quizzes.
  • Each account supports up to 5 children on 5 different devices.