The Boardroom

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is a funded start-up in Australia, which helps start-ups and medium level companies to connect business leaders, industry experts and CEOs. Users can connect with the experts and schedule meetings via audio and video streaming.
Search for an Affordable & Customizable Conferencing System.
Main objective of the client was to provide excellent services to the users to connect them with industry experts and to communicate through video conference without any hassle. Initially The Boardroom tried different audio and video conferencing systems available in the market which were highly expensive yet not customizable according to the requirements.
We delivered the best User friendly Solution.

As this project involved simultaneous enhancements and tweaks from initial stages to make it user friendly, we adopted Agile scrum methodology, used latest tools and technologies for the best result. Our team continue to support it with daily stand-up calls via Skype and Slack to ensure the best outcome.

The technologies and services we used:

  • Apache 2.0, PHP, MySQL
  • JavaScript, OpenTok, Jquery