Vocal Views

Vocal Views

Vocal Views is a UK based Online Market Research Company that provides an innovative platform where the companies can get involved in paid market research studies. Vocal Views allows the companies to open up how they feel about their products and services.
The Challenge We Solved

Vocal Views wanted to build a custom multi-video conferencing system for online marketing research and video interviews with the customers and their prospects. They needed a light-weight video conferencing platform which should work on even low-bandwidths without any hassle.

We built it with WebRTC

Enfin associated with Vocal Views to create a reliable and robust solution online video interview application to do their market research interviews. We have adopted WebRTC technology to develop the 8 people video conference application for an excellent video interview. The platform is built with

  • Video conferencing application involving participants up to 8.
  • LIVE Virtual Whiteboard to scribble, type texts and draw diagrams.
  • Screen sharing, a LIVE sharing environment between interviewer and users.
  • Multi-media text chat with file sharing options.

  • The Technologies and Services we used:

  • NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, HTML5
  • WebRTC and OpenTok